Ani Lorak will perform at the festival "ZHARA" in Baku!
From July 26 to July 29 Baku meets "ZHARA". It's an international music festival, which has been held for the third summer on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Four days, painted in unique sunset colors, star parties, as well as thousands of visitors and millions of TV viewers, who will again gather in the Sea Breeze Resort. Ani Lorak will certainly become a guest of the festival and last week actively rehearsed new choreographic with her ballet.
Ani Lorak presented a teaser of the documentary "DIVA"!
Very soon fans of Ani Lorak will be able to look behind the scenes of the preparation the grand show "DIVA", which had a great success in Minsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow. You will see all that is left of the light of the spotlights: the complexity of preparation, the search for sound, hundreds of rehearsals, dress fitting, endless flights, lack of sleep, shooting and seconds to triumph - such Ani Lorak you have not seen!
Ani Lorak's American tour: the best songs, flowers and endless ovations!
One of the most popular singers of our time, Ani Lorak, who recently presented a grandiose show "DIVA", went over the ocean. As part of the tour in America, concerts are scheduled in seven cities, including Boston, Atlantic City, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Despite the fact that last time in America, Ani Lorak was not so long ago, the audience already had time to miss the art of their favorite artist. The first three sold-out concerts took place in an incredibly warm atmosphere. The fans didn't let the singer off stage, sang along with her favorite songs, gave flowers and gifts, and Ani Lorak stood standing.
The show "DIVA" was awarded as "Show of the Year" at the BraVo international music award!
The show "DIVA" was awarded as "Show of the Year" at the ceremony of awarding the international professional music premia BraVo. Ani Lorak's new show was premiered on February 16 in Minsk, on 25 February conquered St. Petersburg and on March 3 sold out in Moscow's Olimpiisky sports complex, made an unreal furore in our show business.
Ani Lorak took part in the traditional festive concert of Valentin Yudashkin!
Festive show of Valentine Yudashkin is a great gift from designer to beautiful ladies. In addition to the fashion collection presentation, all women are pleased with the festive concert with pop stars singing their best songs, and also demonstrate models from the famous couturier.
No one day without being winner!
Ani Lorak became the "Singer of the Year" according to the annual "Zhara Music Awards" premia!
Red carpet, flashes of cameras, fans shouting "Diva, Diva!" - in that way Ani Lorak was greeted at the first "ZHARA Music Awards" on March 4 at Crocus City Hall. "ZHARA Music Awards" claims to become the most objective music award. The peculiarity of the new premia is that the winners are chosen by the representatives of show business, and the audience can watch the ceremony live.
Ani Lorak has presented a new show DIVA in SC "Olympic"!
Ani Lorak presented her grand show "DIVA" on the stage of "Olympic". Totally sold out, high-tech scenery, powerful live sound, an international team of professionals and a whole fashion show. Among the star guests who came to congratulate Ani Lorak with the premiere: Philip Kirkorov with children, Nikolai Baskov, Dima Bilan, Emin, Stas Mikhailov, Valeriya and Iosif Prigozhin, Larisa Dolina, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Dmitry Peskov, Tatyana Navka, Timur Rodriguez, Polina Gagarina and a lot of others. Two premieres earlier with great success were held in Minsk and St. Petersburg.
Ani Lorak visited the online video chat MUZ-TV
On March 1, Ani Lorak visited the MUZ-TV video chat to talk with fans online. During a half-hour live broadcast, Ani Lorak spoke about preparations for the DIVA show, which will take place on March 3 at the Olimpiisky Sports Complex, and also told many secrets regarding creative plans for the future.
Ani Lorak is visiting Ivan Urgant!
On February 28, before Ani Lorak's big concert with the show DIVA in Moscow, Ani Lorak became the guest of the program "Evening Urgant" on the First Channel. The singer told what "miracles" are waiting for the spectators in the scenery of the show DIVA on March 3, what dangers she was exposed to at rehearsals and what her husband think about sexy clothes. And the singer had to compete with Mitya Khrustalev in the Spring Dance Revolution.
Ani Lorak in the magazine "Beauty and Health"!
Biography of this brunette with radiant eyes is very cinematic: she was born in a small Ukrainian town, spent her childhood in a boarding school, and all this time she was warmed by an ineradicable desire to sing on stage. From the zero starting point, it rocketed upward with a rocket. Today millions of people know it, the tour is scheduled for a long time ahead, and performances are sold out. Fresh interview and an exclusive photo shoot in the new issue of Beauty and Health magazine.
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