Ani Lorak got commercial contract with Danone Russia!
As you know, good habits improve health, give lightness and good mood. Diva Ani Lorak shares these views. That is why the famous singer and loving mother now is starting Activia company. The success of the singer, in addition to her numerous hits, is in the image of a reliable, honest and noble person. And in choosing partners for Ani Lorak, the same qualities are really important. In 2019, the singer signed an commercial contract with Danone.
Дневник тура шоу «DIVA»:
жизнь команды Ани Лорак теперь на YouTube!
6 февраля в Тольятти состоялся первый концерт шоу «DIVA» в новом году, положивший начало большому мировому турне, которое продлится весь 2019 год. А сегодня на официальном канале Ани Лорак в YouTube появился видео-дневник, в котором раскрывается жизнь команды вдали от дома, курьезные моменты гастролей, и такие теплые и долгожданные встречи со зрителями в каждом новом городе! График ближайших концертов Ани Лорак доступен на сайте DIVA.SHOW!
Ани Лорак: «Мечтайте страстно!»
Каждый желает быть счастливым, я не исключение. Но как найти счастье и вообще — что это? В детстве счастье представляла просто: держать маму и папу за руки и ощущать себя центром их вселенной. Для девочки, выросшей без отца, понятное желание. Подростковое счастье выглядело горой пончиков и красивым платьем. Школьные годы прошли в интернате, мы там жили впроголодь, я донашивала чужие вещи. Но удивительное дело — при таком, казалось бы, неблагополучии не злилась, не чувствовала себя обделенной. Когда выросла, связала счастье с мужчиной. Блаженством было тонуть в его объятиях. Позже счастье соединилось с материнством. С рождением дочери мир перевернулся, не понимала: как могла жить без нее? Прошло время, понятие счастья расширилось.
The show “DIVA” reveals its secrets!
On January 15 see the world premiere of the documentary film about the creation of the show “DIVA” on Ani Lorak's official YouTube channel. This movie directed by Pavel Kildau reflects all the stages of creating such a grand show: the birth of idea, dance and musical rehearsals, fitting, installation of fragile structures, the complexity of interaction with technical elements. Among the heroes, of course, people who are an part of the project: director Oleg Bodnarchuk, costume designers, stylists and makeup artists, choreographers, illuminators, technical team, numerous dancers and musicians. Recall, the closed premiere of the film took place on September 28, 2018, the day after the birthday of Ani Lorak. Then the singer gathered the most loyal fans from different cities and countries in one of the cinemas, where they were lucky to be the first to see these unique shots.
Ani Lorak will perform the main vocal part in the new show of Tatiana Navka “The Scarlet Flower”!
This is one more project of Tatiana Navka, where Diva Ani Lorak participates. Last year, the singer performed the vocal part of Lyudmila in the musical "Ruslan and Lyudmila" based on the fairy tale by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. And now, Ani Lorak voiced Nastenka - the main character of the new ice show called “The Scarlet Flower”.
Большая премьера!
Большая премьера! Телеверсия шоу DIVA 8 декабря в 23:00 на Первом канале!
"Crazy" became "Song of the Year 2018"!
On December 2, the 46th annual Song Television Festival of Music was held at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex. Ani Lorak took part in the concert and sang "Crazy", then got a festival diploma for this song. To perform at the New Year's song marathon, Ani Lorak chose an unusual outfit. The singer appeared in the rapper style: a white T-shirt, a jacket with bright patterns, and complemented the image of a tight black skirt with a slit to the middle of the thigh.
Ani Lorak and David Guetta became musical husband and wife!
Trainer of the 7th season of “The Voice” show, Diva Ani Lorak became a guest of “Evening Urgant”. The singer told about her role as a trainer of “The Voice”, about how to achieve success in life, told about her dreams and announced a big premiere - the TV version of the show “DIVA”, which will be shown on First Channel on December 8. By the way, before meeting with Ivan Urgant in the studio, Ani Lorak met world-famous DJ David Guetta.
Ani Lorak's "Golden Siren"
On November 30, the third awards ceremony Major League of New Radio was held. That evening, from the stage of Crocus City Hall, Ani Lorak sang the song “New Ex-Boyfriend”, for which she got the Golden Siren award. Before the official fan club Ani Lorak won in the “Battle of fan clubs” organized by New Radio. Fans of the nominees fiercely fought for their favorite performers in virtual reality, but the Diva fan club turned out to be the most accurate and energetic.
New Ani Lorak's music video "Dream" premiere!
Freud called dreams “the royal road to the unconscious” where the well-known state of sleep holds many surprises, secrets and mysteries... Sometimes they evoke very strong emotions in us: anxiety, joy, fear, amazement - and at the same time the desire to understand that a dream can mean to us. Dreams serve as a guide to our intuition and help to have dialogue with it. A new clip of Ani Lorak for the song “Dream” is not as simple as it seems. It is a kind of trip in dream-books and good signs, which at first glance, without a correct interpretation, may not seem very benign.
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