The singer who became the idol of Ukrainians, Ani Lorak was born on Bukovina, the edge which kissed by God and presented world such known and talented people, as Vladimir Ivasjuk (the author of famous hit «Chervona Ruta») and Sofia Rotaru – honoured artist of Ukraine.

Karolina developed the desire to become a singer as early as at the age of four. At that time she had already decided what she wanted to achieve in life. Karolina often performed at various school vocal competitions.

In 1992, she takes part in the popular contest Pervotsvit [Cowslip] and becomes the winner. It should be noted that’s where she met her ex-producer Yuriy Falyosa. As a result, at the age of fourteen she signed her first professional contract.

Karolina became known as Ani Lorak in March 1995. She had to invent her stage name when she was participating in the contest of the “Morning Star” television program in Moscow. There was another Russian singer with the name Karolina already enrolled in the competition, so our Karolina saved the situation having read her name backwards. That's how her present stage name Ani Lorak has come into existence.

The singer moved to Kyiv in 1995. By that time, the name of Ani Lorak became widely known in the Ukrainian show business.

At the age of 19 she was awarded with title of the Honoured Artist of Ukraine, having become the youngest singer ever to get this rank. She is the winner of a great number of various prizes, has four Gold Discs according to the results of sales of the albums "Tam de ty ye…" [There, where you are], "Ani Lorak", "Smile", and "Rozkazhy…" [Tell me…], winner of prestigious international and Ukrainian festivals and ratings, including the “Morning Star” television contest (Moscow, 1995), and the Grand-Prix winner of the "Big Apple Music – 96" global competition of young singers in New York.

Ani Lorak has been repeatedly recognized as the Singer of the Year in Ukraine.
Her credits include two solo shows on the country’s central stage, twelve albums, two single, biographical film, and 36 video clips.

She is the most beautiful and sexy woman of Ukraine according to the results of polls by popular magazines.

Her artistic self-realization goes far beyond singing. Ani Lorak is a brilliant actress. She played Zemfira in the "Tsygany" [Gypsies] musical, medical service lieutenant in the musical film “Take Your Overcoat”, Oksana in the musical film "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka", Fanchette in the musical film "Crazy Day or the Marriage of Figaro", dubbed the Baby in the Norwegian animated film "Karlson on the Roof" (2006), and later – two characters at once – those of the Kitty and the Little Bee of the Estonian cartoon "Lotte from Gadgetville" (2007).
Ani Lorak provided support in publishing three books for children, they are – "How to Become a Star", "How to Become a Princess", "How to Become a Culinary Star in 7 Days". The singer is also the producer of her own brand. She owns the Angel-Lounge restaurant in the centre of Kyiv.

Ani is a brilliant poet and composer. She spends a lot of time on charitable activities. UNICEF and UNO in Ukraine have awarded a commendation to Ani Lorak for assistance and help to HIV positive citizens of Ukraine as a UN Goodwill Ambassador on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. In 2005, Ani Lorak was conferred with the St. Stanislav Order of the 4th degree and the Officer’s Cross "for strengthening the international authority of Ukraine, for the high professionalism, great creative achievements, charity and adherence to the ideals of chivalry".

Ani Lorak represented Ukraine at the Eurovision songs contest. In May 2008, Ani Lorak was the silver winner of the contest «Eurovision-2008» in Belgrade, Serbia. Based on the results of the vote of the ESC Radio audience Ani Lorak with her hit “Shady Lady” was awarded Best Female Singer 2008 trophy. “Sun” ballade from new album raised highest positions in different international hit-parades and charts.

Ani Lorak represents Ukraine on the global music market – she’s given performances on the stages of England, the USA, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Turkey. And, she is not going to stop at this. Her nearest plans are to enthral the European and global audience! And with the musical material making up her repertoire this won’t be so difficult to achieve: the high-quality and stylish sound, melodies performed in the best traditions of soul, funk, and pop-rock, as well as the wonderful lyrics. And, at the same time, there is the strong and tender, enchanting and unique voice of Ani Lorak.