Ani Lorak dedicated a song to all the grandmothers of the Earth!
September 6, during the "New Wave 2018" festival, was held the benefit of Vladimir Presnyakov, as well as the second day of the contest. This evening, Ani Lorak performed a touching song "My Grandma", conveying a special tenderness and sincere gratitude to all the beautiful grandmothers. It is known that Vladimir Presnyakov wrote music for this song when he was 10 years old, and dedicated it to his beloved grandmother Ksenia.
"My God"
Ani Lorak performed at the opening of the "New Wave 2018"!
On September 4 took place the grand opening of the contest of young performers "New Wave 2018" which as always was accompanied by a "starfall" on the red carpet, where Ani Lorak appeared in a short cocktail dress and a black jacket. This evening, from the New Wave Hall stage in the Olympic Park, Ani Lorak performed the song "My God", with which she won the contest "Morning Star" in 1995. The track entered the debut album of the singer "I want to fly", singled out a year later. And after 20 years it found a new life, becoming part of the program show "DIVA".
Ani Lorak will judge at the "New Wave 2018" festival!
From 4 to 9 September in Sochi will take place the International Competition of Young Performers of Popular Music "New Wave 2018". Ani Lorak will have three performances at the stage of New Wave Hall in the Olympic Park. By the way, the singer will again be included in the honorary jury of the contest, in which are the most popular artists and musicians from around the world. This year, in addition to Ani Lorak, the contestants will also be judged by Philip Kirkorov, Arman Davletyarov, Sergei Lazarev, Igor Nikolaev, Dimitris Kontopulos, Alsou, Angelica Varum and Intars Busulis. The chairman of the jury is the producer and composer Igor Krutoy.
Ani Lorak became a special guest of the festival "Astana Dausy"!
August 29 in Astana, on the stage of the Ice Palace "Barys Arena", took place the second international music festival Astana Dausy 2018. The audience saw an incredible music festival, heard their favorite hits performed by the best artists from 12 countries of Europe, Asia and America. At the personal invitation of Arman Davletyarov, Diva Ani Lorak became a special guest of the festival. On the stage, the singer performed her summer super-hit "Crazy".
"Princess and Dragon" entered the TOP-3 leaders of cinema visitors!
The summer season came to the finish line - it was the last weekend of August, and the cartoon "Princess and Dragon" meanwhile is in the TOP-3 of cinema visitors, giving way only to Hollywood blockbusters. In this kind, fantastic, animated story, Ani Lorak voiced the main character - Princess Varvara, and also recorded the soundtrack - a cover version of the world hit Never Ending Story. This track by Ani Lorak will sound in all countries of rental: in Russia, Eastern Europe, Britain, Spain, Portugal, China, South Korea, throughout Southeast Asia and Latin America.
Ani Lorak became the trainer of "The Voice" new season!
This spring the management of the First Channel announced that trainers of the new 7th season of the vocal show "The Voice" will be chosen by TV viewers. So the star trainers were identified referring to the preferences of the public. "In the new season, the chairs of "The Voice" trainers will be occupied by the stars that are the brightest and most demanded, each in its own role: the most popular Sergei Shnurov, the brilliant diva Ani Lorak, a wonderful rap singer Basta, and one of the the best composers and music producers Konstantin Meladze".
Ani Lorak and her daughter attended the presentation of the cartoon "The Princess and the Dragon"
August 19 at the cinema "Formula Kino on Kutuzovsky" was premiere of the animated film "The Princess and the Dragon". The movie was presented by Ani Lorak, who gave her voice to the main character - Princess Varvara. "To sound cartoons, on the one hand, is very interesting, on the other - it is rather difficult - because everything that happens on the screen must first be emotionally and intonated in a voice", - singer said. At the premiere Ani came with her daughter Sofia.
Ani Lorak released a video for the soundtrack to the cartoon "The Princess and the Dragon"!
Ani Lorak recorded the official soundtrack to the animated film "The Princess and the Dragon". The main musical theme of the cartoon was a cover version of the song Never Ending Story. The original track written by Giorgio Moroder, one of the most famous authors of music for movies, is an international super-hit. The song performed by Ani Lorak was specially recorded in Russian and English at once. The version in Russian was called "You'll believe in a miracle".
Ani Lorak presented the best show of the year DIVA in Sochi and Gelendzhik!
Ani Lorak pleased the fans with her DIVA show in the Krasnodar Region: August 9 in Gelendzhik and August 12 in Sochi. The singer once again delighted the audience, who didn't want to let her from the stage, chanting: "Diva, Diva!". Well, afterwards they allowed to go to the car, handing the flowers and concluding in grateful embraces. The fact that everything is still under the impression, speak and social networks. Comments under the video, which spread the audience: "Elegant!", "Thank you so much for the show! True, talented!", "Tears!"
Festival "ZHARA-2018": how it was!
On the shore of the Caspian Sea, in Baku, on July 27, was the grand opening of the third International Music Festival "Zhara". It was the opening with a storm of applause from the audience, when well-known artists, performers, TV presenters and actors walked along the red carpet of the Sea Breeze Resort. This evening was a real heat! The appearance of Ani Lorak caused admiration from her fans. The singer has appeared in an elegant dress of dark blue color with an open back and a deep decollete. Ani was making selfies with fans, signing autographs and posing for photographers.
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