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Ани Лорак -
певица года!
18 ноября состоялись сразу два светских события, которые преподнесли Ани Лорак неожиданные сюрпризы. Певица стала гостьей большого праздника по случаю 10-летия журнала «ОК!» и старта премии «Больше чем звезды!», где из рук Игоря Крутого получила награду в номинации «Главный герой. Музыка». После замечательного вечера в компании друзей и хороших знакомых Ани отправилась на Реальную Премию MUSICBOX 2016, где была признана лучшей певицей года.
Emin и Ани Лорак сняли клип на новую дуэтную песню
На днях в Москве прошли съемки клипа на новую дуэтную песню Ани Лорак и EMIN’а «Проститься». Режиссером выступил Алан Бадоев, а автором песни стал Максим Фадеев. Артисты не перестают удивлять своих поклонников. Только месяц назад они презентовали дуэтную песню «Я не могу сказать», которая в считанные часы сразу же заняла первые строчки в чартах iTunes, а студийное видео собрало 5 млн. просмотров на YouTube. Сегодня артисты вновь готовят музыкальный сюрприз: состоялись съемки клипа на новую песню Максима Фадеева и Ольги Серябкиной «Проститься».
Ani Lorak was flying in the angel's arms at the Crocus City Hall!
October 7 at the Crocus City Hall Ani Lorak presented a full-scale version of the show "Karolina" with the participation of circus artists, musicians and ballet! Visitors could see again this exciting spectacle: multiple screens, scenery, lots of light and visual effects, modern dance performances with acrobatic stunts. The concert included a well-known hits, as well as songs from the new album "Didn't you love me". Heart of Ani Lorak and spectators beat in unison for 2.5 hours, not wanting to finish this holiday of music and beauty.
Ani Lorak
«Didn't you love me»
On October 1, 2016 Ani Lorak released her 15th studio album "Didn’t you love me ". The singer introduced a completely new album, on which she have worked for several years. All songs of the album are part of one big theme of love, which is so close and familiar to everyone. As the singer says "Love and pain, joy and sadness always go together. Better to felt unrequited love than no have love at all. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world". Love is around us, in every word and in every song, so this album will be a nice gift for the real music lovers.
Ани Лорак закрутила роман на съемочной площадке
Сегодня, в свой День рождения, Ани Лорак представляет видео на песню «Разве ты любил», режиссером которого выступил Алан Бадоев! Это уже третья за год работа в творческом тандеме артиста и режиссера. Разноплановые роли героини Ани Лорак в клипах «Удержи мое сердце» и «Уходи по-английски» дополнятся еще одним совершенно иным перевоплощением, где Ани Лорак играет киноактрису. «Разве ты любил» - первый сингл одноименного альбома Ани Лорак , релиз которого назначен на 1 октября 2016 года, предзаказ доступен в iTunes и Google Play уже сейчас.
Pre-order Ani Lorak's album now
The new Ani Lorak's album is available for pre-order on iTunes Store and Google Play right now!
3 сентября 2016, 16:46
Сегодня пройдет открытие международного конкурса "Новая волна 2016" в Сочи! А это значит, что в течение недели нас ждет много новых образов и невероятных выступлений любимой певицы! Не пропустите выступления Ани Лорак 3, 5, и 8 сентября! А также, на протяжении всего фестиваля певица будет оценивать мастерство конкурсантов, находясь в составе звездного жюри! Смотрите прямую трансляцию на телеканале "Россия 1". Время уточняйте в телепрограмме.
Ukrainian singer performed with American producer David Foster!
Ani Lorak continues to conquer the world music market. Ani has taken part in Emin's exclusive concert in St. Petersburg. Right there the singer met with the legendary American musician, composer and producer, owner of 16 Grammys, author of numerous hits of such famous singers like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Natalie Cole, Madonna - David Foster.
Leopard, fire, broken dishes and real injuries:
Ani Lorak presented new music video
Director of the video is Alan Badoev. He has created a very bright and dynamic video. If woman take some final decision, she will never take her words back. The heroine is girl, tried all sorts of tricks to save relationship. But after a long night of thinking and walking the city, tears and memories, she comes home to tell him "go away."
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Ани Лорак закрутила роман на съемочной площадке
This fall season has become for Ani Lorak beginning of the long-awaited premieres. In early September singer presented a wonderful song "Didn't you love me?", which had written especially for her by excellent composer Igor Krutoy and poet Igor Nikolaev. And today, celebrating her birthday, the singer gives music video for this song!

"Didn't you love me?" is ​​of course about love. The song is about a relationship, which despite the feelings have not found any continue. As often happens in our lives. And Ani Lorak met again on the movie set with the talented director Alan Badoev to tell one of these stories of love to her fans.

This work is the third one this year in singer and director creative tandem. Another completely different transformation, where Ani Lorak plays a film actress added to diverse roles of Ani Lorak's in the music videos "Hold My Heart" and "Uhodi po-angliyski".

"I'm very pleased that each new work art with Alan gives me the chance to open a new me. At the movie set, Alan never stop to amaze me. It seems like he to challenge me, putting certain actions, opens new side of me" - says Ani Lorak.

Music video was shooting over twenty-four hours. The plot is quite simple. This is a film in the film, which tells two stories: one, where the heroine Ani Lorak plays in a film, the other - personal drama of actress behind the scenes.

"After a long time being apart, after an ugly break up, after relationship that began in the early college days, former lovers meet again. While they were apart a lot has changed. He became a director and she - an actress. Later he became a big director and she - an even bigger actress, a real movie star. And yet again fate has brought them together, but this time on a movie set. What will happen now? Will they cross the line of professionalism and let their feelings flow freely? - says Alan Badoev, - This is our third collaboration with Ani Lorak. For me it's three big steps. I feel very comfortable with Karolina and in every new video we create a new woman portrait, in which, in fact, we are opening a new Karolina. This time her heroine is an actress. Of course, the actress's image requires a large range of colors, but that's interesting task. I like to work with Karolina. She lights up like a child, and it's amazing".

This song is the first single of the self-titled album, which will be released on October 1, 2016, but pre-order is available right now on iTunes or Google Play.