Ани Лорак прикоснулась к наследию Queen!
Ани Лорак приняла участие в глобальном мероприятии, посвященном выходу в прокат одного из самых ожидаемых фильмов осени «Богемская рапсодия». Музыканты из 18 стран собрались в Лондоне, чтобы отдать дань одной из величайших групп в мировой истории. Те, кто сегодня определяют музыкальные вкусы и владеют умами слушателей, лучшие вокалисты современности – вместе записали попурри из лучших хитов легендарных Queen. «Фредди Меркьюри – уникальный, неповторимый, величайший из артистов планеты Земля. Для меня было большой честью принять участие в этом проекте».
Ани Лорак сделала признание в новой песне «Сон»
Ани Лорак представила долгожданный сингл, который открывает новую главу в творческой жизни певицы. Композиция «Сон» - бесспорный хит. С точки зрения поэзии - тревожная история о женской интуиции, полная метафор и таинственных намеков, а с музыкальной стороны – совершенно новое для певицы звучание, сотканное из R’n’B ритмов и выразительной поп-музыки. Глубокий и чувственный голос певицы накладывается на фирменный саунд-команды 90210.Group, использующей все актуальные музыкальные тренды, что делает трек очень лондонским.
Премия MUSICBOX 2018: Ани Лорак - «Лучшая певица», а DIVA - «Шоу года»!
30 сентября в Crocus City Hall состоялась шестая по счету Реальная Премия MUSICBOX 2018! Ани Лорак была номинирована сразу в двух важнейших для любого артиста номинациях, в которых и одержала победу - «Лучшая певица» и «Шоу года» за нашумевшее шоу DIVA, которое певица презентовала в начале этого года в Минске, Санкт-Петербурге и Москве.
Ani Lorak presented a film about the DIVA show and met with fans the day after her birthday!
On September 28 at the Kinomax Riga Mall, there was a closed presentation of a film about the creation of the show Ani Lorak - DIVA. The singer invited her most loyal and devoted fans to the unique show. Many came from different cities and even countries just to meet with an adored singer!
On the “New Wave” Ani Lorak performed the popular hit of the 90s!
“New Wave” not only lights up new stars, but also, like a time machine, moves artists into those years when completely different music was popular. On September 7, during the “New Wave 2018” festival, took place the creative evening of Irina Allegrova, where Ani Lorak performed one of the most popular hits of the 90s - “Junior Lieutenant”. At that time, no dancing was complete without this hit. The words of the chorus scattered with dizzying speed and won the hearts: “Junior lieutenant, young boy, everyone wants to dance with you. If you knew women's longing for a strong shoulder".
Ani Lorak dedicated a song to all the grandmothers of the Earth!
September 6, during the "New Wave 2018" festival, was held the benefit of Vladimir Presnyakov, as well as the second day of the contest. This evening, Ani Lorak performed a touching song "My Grandma", conveying a special tenderness and sincere gratitude to all the beautiful grandmothers. It is known that Vladimir Presnyakov wrote music for this song when he was 10 years old, and dedicated it to his beloved grandmother Ksenia.
"My God"
Ani Lorak performed at the opening of the "New Wave 2018"!
On September 4 took place the grand opening of the contest of young performers "New Wave 2018" which as always was accompanied by a "starfall" on the red carpet, where Ani Lorak appeared in a short cocktail dress and a black jacket. This evening, from the New Wave Hall stage in the Olympic Park, Ani Lorak performed the song "My God", with which she won the contest "Morning Star" in 1995. The track entered the debut album of the singer "I want to fly", singled out a year later. And after 20 years it found a new life, becoming part of the program show "DIVA".
Ani Lorak will judge at the "New Wave 2018" festival!
From 4 to 9 September in Sochi will take place the International Competition of Young Performers of Popular Music "New Wave 2018". Ani Lorak will have three performances at the stage of New Wave Hall in the Olympic Park. By the way, the singer will again be included in the honorary jury of the contest, in which are the most popular artists and musicians from around the world. This year, in addition to Ani Lorak, the contestants will also be judged by Philip Kirkorov, Arman Davletyarov, Sergei Lazarev, Igor Nikolaev, Dimitris Kontopulos, Alsou, Angelica Varum and Intars Busulis. The chairman of the jury is the producer and composer Igor Krutoy.
Ani Lorak became a special guest of the festival "Astana Dausy"!
August 29 in Astana, on the stage of the Ice Palace "Barys Arena", took place the second international music festival Astana Dausy 2018. The audience saw an incredible music festival, heard their favorite hits performed by the best artists from 12 countries of Europe, Asia and America. At the personal invitation of Arman Davletyarov, Diva Ani Lorak became a special guest of the festival. On the stage, the singer performed her summer super-hit "Crazy".
"Princess and Dragon" entered the TOP-3 leaders of cinema visitors!
The summer season came to the finish line - it was the last weekend of August, and the cartoon "Princess and Dragon" meanwhile is in the TOP-3 of cinema visitors, giving way only to Hollywood blockbusters. In this kind, fantastic, animated story, Ani Lorak voiced the main character - Princess Varvara, and also recorded the soundtrack - a cover version of the world hit Never Ending Story. This track by Ani Lorak will sound in all countries of rental: in Russia, Eastern Europe, Britain, Spain, Portugal, China, South Korea, throughout Southeast Asia and Latin America.
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Ani Lorak «Didn't you love me»
On October 1, 2016 Ani Lorak released her 15th studio album "Didn’t you love me (Razve ty lubil)" (iTunes Store, Google Play, Yandex.Music). The singer introduced a completely new album, on which she have worked for several years. All songs of the album are part of one big theme of love, which is so close and familiar to everyone. As the singer says "Love and pain, joy and sadness always go together. Better to felt unrequited love than no have love at all. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world". Love is around us, in every word and in every song, so this album will be a nice gift for the real music lovers.

We open the veil of women and men relations, with all their feelings and emotions listening the album. Herefrom, the album content is. All about love, but songs are not similar to each other. There are 20 tracks in the album. Some of them are already well-known: "Ships (Korabli)," "Slow (Medlenno)," "Take a paradise (Zabiray ray)", "Hold my heart (Uderzhi moe serdtse)". They can be called folk, because the fans know all the songs and sing with Ani Lorak on concerts around the world.

Of course, the album includes entirely new compositions: the title "Didn't you love me (Razve ty lubil)", which was released with the album pre-order on September, 9. Also the album includes the long-awaited song "Sin and repent (Greshi i kaysya)", lyrical song "Just tell me (Prosto skazhi)”, "I'll be happy (Ya budu schastlivoy)" and others songs.

In songs Ani Lorak tells about the long-known truth: "In fact, there is no one who would really love and not suffer pain. Do not suffer the only one who has never loved".

The album "Didn’t you love me (Razve ty lubil)" opens for fans songs, which were written by people with beautiful, loving hearts. The album consist of composition, where love - it is not just love, but a way of interacting with the world, requiring kindness, wisdom, patience and willingness to be open.

1. Удержи мое сердце
2. Ты еще любишь
3. Уходи по-английски (дуэт с Г. Лепсом)
4. Греши и кайся
5. Без тебя
6. Люблю тебя
7. Корабли
8. Любовь
9. Все отдам
10. Твоя
11. Просто скажи
12. Забирай рай
13. Разве ты любил
14. Зеркала (дуэт с Г. Лепсом)
15. Осенняя любовь
16. Я буду счастливой
17. Я и ты
18. Пополам
19. Медленно
20. Уходи по-английски (Бонус-трек)

Listen good music and let your own song born in your heart. The song about love.