Ani Lorak is one of the strongest vocalists of our time. Singer of incredible beauty, her unique voice of 4.5 octaves gained millions people around the world! Her life credo is to serve people with a song, to be sincere and true, sing from the soul, believe in good and bring the light, go forward and never give up, whatever happens on her way. From the very childhood, Diligence and persistence helped her to win the title "DIVA" in our show business.

In 2018 Ani Lorak presented her grand show DIVA which is beginning of a new stage in singer's career. The show got an unprecedented success, it was mentioned by musical critics many times and now it continues to collect prestigious awards in the nomination "Best show" from the top Radio and TV channels in all the CIS countries.

The singer, who must become the idol of the nation, was born on September 27, 1978 in Bukovina, the land, kissed by God and gave the world many talented people.
The dream to become a singer came up when she was 4 years old. Then little girl exactly decided what she wants to achieve in her life. She often performed at various school competitions.
In 1992, she won the popular contest "Pervotsvit". There Karolina met her ex-producer Y. Falesa. At the age of 14 she signed her first professional contract.
In 1995 she won the TV contest "Utrennyaya zvezda" - then she had to take the stage name Ani Lorak (Karolina backwards), because there was already announced another participant named Karolina.
The singer moved in Kiev in 1995. By that time, the name Ani Lorak was becoming well-known in Ukrainian show business.
In 1996 she got the Grand Prix of the World Contest "Big Apple Music" (New York City).
At the age of 19 she became the youngest Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Ani Lorak took the 2nd place at the international song contest "Eurovision-2008", and was awarded the "Artistic Award Eurovision Song Contest", which brings to the best artists of the contest.

Throughout her career, Ani Lorak got some prestigious titles ("Best singer", "Person of the Year", "The most beautiful woman", "Fashion singer", "Song of the Year", "Best concert show") and hundreds of awards (Prizes MUZ-TV, RU.TV, MUSICBOX, ZHARA, Highest League, BraVo, Fashion People Awards, ZD Awards, EMA, Golden Gramophone, etc). She performed on the stages of the world's most famous concert venues, and is not going to stop there.

She has 2 grand shows - Karolina (2013) and DIVA (2018), 16 albums, a biographical film, 50 music videos, and a lot of gold and platinum releases.

The singer gives much time for charity. UNICEF and the United Nations in Ukraine thanked Ani Lorak for helping and assisting HIV-infected citizens of Ukraine as UN Goodwill Ambassador on HIV / AIDS in Ukraine. In 2005, Ani Lorak was awarded the Order of St. Stanislav IV degree with the presentation of the Officer's Cross "for the strengthening of the international prestige of Ukraine, high professionalism, high creative achievements, charitable work and loyalty to knightly ideals".

Ani Lorak successfully performs on the stages of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the UAE, Turkey, Israel, Germany, USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Hungary, Poland. The singer has an important mission - to unite people around the world with her art and make them happy.