In March, Ani Lorak released a song "Ship", which was successfully broadcasted in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
In late March, Ani Lorak presented the new song "Without You". Irina Dubcova is an author of music and text.
In April, the singer became a member of the jury of the qualifying round of the international contest "New Wave 2015".
In mid-April Ani Lorak presented the video for the song "Ship", directed by Sergey Solodkiy.
In May, the singer went on tour with "Karolina" show to cities of Belarus.
Also in May, Ani Lorak won in the nomination "Singer of the Year" and received the coveted samovar at the RU.TV Awards.
In June, Ani Lorak became the "Singer of the Year" at MUZ-TV Awards, which took place in Astana.
In June, audio version of the grand show "Karolina" on 2 CD came in the market and also became available for order in the iTunes and Google Play.
At the annual awards ceremony Fashion People Awards Ani Lorak received award in the nomination “Fashion singer of the year”.
In July, Ani Lorak participated in the “Unbreakable” charity project.
In August, Ani Lorak released a new dance track «Don't Give Up», created in collaboration with DJ Kiril Slepuha.
In early September, it was released a song "Autumn Love", which was written by poet Mikhail Gutseriev and composer Alex Romanof. Later, Kate Tsarik filmed this song.
In mid-September, at famous Dubai World Trade Centre Ani Lorak presented "Karolina" show with a huge success.
On September 27, Ani Lorak was celebrated her birthday on the stage of the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg with the full version of her grand show "Karolina".
In October, in the international songcontest "New Wave" Ani Lorak became honorary member of the jury. In addition, the singer sang in a duet with the world star - Eros Ramazzotti.
Also, as part of the contest Ani Lorak and Grigory Leps presented new song "French leave", which immediately entered to the Top 5 in the iTunes.
In November, Ani Lorak received her fifth "Golden Gramophone" for the lyrical song "Ships".