In January Ani Lorak presented a new single "Hold My Heart".

Ani Lorak goes on a long-awaited tour in America and Canada, which has a huge success.
In February the most discussed video for the song "Hold My Heart" directed by Alan Badoev appears on YouTube.

Then in February the singer went on tour in Germany with the show "Karolina".

April 9 Ani Lorak come to Minsk with the full-scale version of the show "Karolina".

In June Ani Lorak presented a solo version of the song "Go in English," and the video directed by Alan Badoev.

Ani Lorak awarded as the most stylish singer by Fashion People Awards.

In July Ani Lorak performed with the exclusive concert of Emin in St. Petersburg. The singer met with legendary producer and composer David Foster. Ani sang his favorite song "I Will Always Love You".

In early September Ani Lorak presents a new song "Didn't you love me" on the verses by Igor Nikolayev and music by Igor Krutoy.

The same time pre-order on 15th studio album "Didn't you love me" was started. The release was on October 1 and on the first day took the leading positions in the top charts of different CIS countries.

27 September is premiere of music video for the song "Didn't you love" directed by Alan Badoev, and a few days got over 1 million views on YouTube.

In October there is premiere of the cartoon "The Princess And The Frog". In Russian version main character speak with the voice of Ani Lorak.

October 7 in Moscow Crocus City Hall Ani Lorak showed full-scale version of the show "Karolina". Then she went on a big tour.

In mid-October starts international series "East-West". Its soundtrack is Ani Lorak's song "Cold rain" written by Ruslan Kvinta.

October, 18 was released EMIN's single in a duet with Ani Lorak - "I can't say" produced by Maxim Fadeev.